Free iPad – Can You Really get an iPad for Free?

get a free ipad If you haven’t heard about the iPad which was launched in April 2010, then you’ve been living under a stone. This hugely popular tablet has taken the world by storm and is now one of the bestselling tablets out there. Even so, you still can get a Free iPad  and now the iPad 2.

The iPad was designed primarily for use as an audio visual medium to include books, videos, newspapers, games and other types of web content and applications known as apps. The iPad is closely related to the iPod touch and the iPhone, with all three running on the same type of operating system.

The iPad is controlled by a multi-functional display and uses a virtual onscreen keyboard which is surprisingly easy to use. The iPad uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and on a good connection easily downloads media and apps. Some models of the iPad have their own 3G wireless data connection, however be warned, using this method to download huge files may prove to be very expensive if you go over your data limit. I would recommend against the 3G model, because I just don’t think it’s worth it. If you get a Free iPad 2 then your total cost will be $0, and not monthly fees!

free ipadSo what is it about the Free iPad that has everyone in such a Tizzy?

The iPad (like the iPhone) is just well, fabulous. It has transformed the whole concept of tablet computers. They are no longer clunky but sleek. (It’s very easy to slip an iPad into a decent sized purse.)

So how big is the Free Apple iPad and what does it look like?

free ipad 2 The screen on the Free iPad is approximately the same as that of a netbook, so if you can use a netbook successfully to work on then you should be fine with an iPad. In fact the whole layout of the Apple iPad is exactly that of an iPhone, so if you have the phone but have wondered what exactly the iPad is like, then just think the same but bigger!

You can download from the internet in two ways. The first is using your wireless or data connection, the other is to sync with your iTunes account on your PC.

The only gripe many people have with the Free iPad is that Apple are very selective about the programs they allow to be installed. Adobe Flash for instance is not on the approved list and some people find it very frustrating that they are unable to visit and/or use sites websites which are dependent on Adobe Flash.

Bluetooth is also limited; don’t expect to be able to pair with your friends Nokia or your PC, because unfortunately it just won’t happen.

Tips on How to Get a Free iPad 2

free apple ipad 2 The Free Apple iPad (like the iPhone), doesn’t come cheap. However there are ways of getting them legitimately fairly cheaply or even getting an Apple iPad for free. Be warned though you must be careful and do your due diligence so you’re not scammed. Please don’t give out your credit card to get the Free iPad, otherwise you might become a victim of the free iPad scam.

Try filling out one of this offer here or try bidding for one on a penny auction site such as Bidrivals. You may be lucky and get one for a fraction of what its worth or even get a Free iPad.

Some companies give iPad’s away as freebies for referrals to their websites. Referrals can be worth a great deal of money to them so it’s worth it to them to offer them as incentives to would be referees. So good luck and be sure to your Free iPad Today!